The Ancient Buddha, is one of the leading spas in Bangalore and is known for its quality of service and Hospitality.

Over the few years since our formation, we have pioneered and perfected a unique concept of providing our guests with utmost individual attention, and a highly pampering spa experience that focuses on absolute mind, body and soul rejuvenation.

The Ancient Buddha provides a ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE with treatments created by combining the best ancient techniques and herbal secrets with advanced discoveries in wellness. Our team comprises of a well-qualified team of therapists, trained and certified by The Ancient Buddha training academy to give you a scientific, friendly and outstanding spa experience and ensure we maintain only the highest standards of hygiene and privacy for each of our guests.

From the Chairman's Desk

Success does not come to big people it comes from big ideas which often come from the most unexpected places and circumstances.

We spent 5Years living in stressful construction (Builders) business field. We would travel frequently and stay at fancy hotels in various parts of the country. After a really hectic day (as most days tended to be), we would often long to try the spa therapies on offer at the hotel's spas. But we soon realised that we couldn't afford to try exorbitantly priced spa therapies regularly. It was ironical, we felt, that people who needed spa therapies the most could not afford to take them regularly!

That common experience provided us the inspiration to start a chain of spas that would put the health benefits of spa therapies within reach of more people. It had become clear to us that if India had to be made stress-free, spa therapies would have to be made more affordable.

Before long, that concept became a reality. Our idea was backed by a firm, and in May 2013, The Ancient Buddha was launched in Garden City Bangalore.

At The Ancient Buddha Healthcare & Spa, we envision a world where our customers can successfully overcome the effects of modern-day mental and physical stress, relax, revive their energies, and most importantly, feel happy.

Surrender yourself to highly trained Thai Spa therapists and go back with a feeling of wellness that lasts.